Tuesday, 30 November 2010

Special friend

I used to live in Maidenhead and my neighbour was elderly in body but a young girl in mind, even though there was a 50 year age difference Jeanne was a friend, we laughed, we cried together, shared a love of gardening and cats.
Jeanne's life was amazing she lived through 2 world wars, during the second worked in a munitions factory (loosing many girl friends in those years, to accidents, as all the men were serving in the war).

After the war worked at various jobs but became a trained butcher, when her mother was very ill she gave up everything to nurse her, as her sister had good pension prospects. Later on she lived with and nursed her sister till she died which was amazing as she was deaf and her sister was blind, they were truly amazing sisters.

She passed away this month at 96, during our friendship we enjoyed walking at Cliveden, I always said I would throw roses in the Thames on her passing to say goodbye, when the time came.

I am sure that day she was smiling to herself it was a dreadful day, dense fog and very cold.
Just a few pictures in memory of a wonderful lady and a great place we shared.

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"Pommie" Pammie said...

I am sure your friend will be sadly missed, but will love your gesture in visiting that special place x Looked very calm on that day, we visited in the Summer when it was buzzing.